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Call Tracking

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2016 10:14AM EDT
Call tracking allows you to create a phone number to track inbound calls from customers. Trackable phone numbers allow you to easily keep track of leads. You can also have inbound calls create tasks and assign them to a specific user. The user receives an email alert notifying them a task has been assigned to them with detailed instructions on how to complete the task.

Getting There
From the account summary screen select the Call Tracking tab. This loads the call tracking settings.

Call Tracking Setup
For Create trackable phone for campaigns: select Yes.

Set the trackable phone number in the Select trackable phone number you would like to use drop down.  Make sure you choose the appropriate area code.  For example if your area code is 619 choose 619 from the list.  If your area code is not available select a toll free number (800, 888, 866) or contact customer support.

Enter the default forward number in the appropriate field.

To create leads for inbound calls, choose the Yes radio button under the option “Would you like inbound calls to automatically create tasks?” This notifies the user that a task has been created based off activity on a specific campaign or landing page. You can customize the subject line and task instructions.

Specify who the task needs to be assigned to by selecting the user from the Assign to drop down field. If a specific user is not selected the alert is sent to the record owner by default. If the alert needs to be sent to multiple recipients you can add additional email addresses in the Send copy by email to field.

When finished, click Save button at the bottom of the page.

​Updating the Default Forward Number
Sometimes it is required to change the default forwarding number, if you want it sent to a general sales queue or have a new team member that should be receiving the calls.  This number can be changed for an individual campaign or for all campaigns.

To change the number for a specific campaign, find the tactic associated with that campaign in the list beneath the call tracking settings. Enter the new forwarding number in the Forward to Number column and click Save at the bottom of the page..

To set a new default forwarding number for all campaign tactics, set this number in the Default Forwarding Numbers field and click Set all to Match Default.

After changing the numbers, click Save at the bottom of the page.
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