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How Do I Download a File?

Last Updated: May 17, 2018 04:06PM EDT
  The vendor library allows you to download and use any files made available. These files include documents like co-branded brochures, infographics, white papers, data sheets, marketing scripts and campaign assets that can be used to run campaigns in separate marketing systems. 

Some of these files can be downloaded for use directly from the library, while others can be customized and co-branded with your own unique information by bringing them into your account and editing them further. The file types available and the level of customization is dependent upon the documents themselves and the content provided by your vendors.

To access your library and the files within you must be in the Marketing Center. From the Marketing Center click Library. If you have access to more than one vendor library simply choose the vendor from the list.
What will I find in this article?
1. File Selection
Utilize the search features within the Library to browse and locate the file you are looking for. Depending on your vendor library search filters are typically broken down by activity type, language, and audience. Simply check on/off the different filters. If you know the specific file you are looking for use the search box and enter the name into the field. Select Files under the Activity Types drop down.

2. Download Files
After you have narrowed down your search you can select any file by clicking the thumbnail image. This loads a preview image and a description of what the file contains. Click Download and then the file name to download the file to your computer. Some tactic include multiple files. For example, a tactic for partner badges could contain the partner badge for multiple languages. Click the file name you want to download or click Download All to get all of the files.

3. Customize & Download
Some files can be customized with your own branding or even edited to meet your preferences. Click Customize & Download to pull these files into your account.


With a few clicks, you can add or change images or text, and translate the content within the template without interfering with the integrity of the overall design. Choose from a pre-determined image library or upload your own. Content that can be modified has a small serrated square in the surrounding area. By placing your mouse over that area, a pencil icon appears.

To modify that section click on the Pencil icon. In the new window, simply enter the new content into the field(s) provided to update the content.

If the section you are modifying requires an image to be replaced click the Choose File button and locate the image on your computer. When finished, select the Save button at the bottom of the page. The image will automatically re-size to fit within the target location.

When finished modifying this section click Save at the bottom of the window. When all changes to the content have been made, click Save at the top of the page to generate the file with the changes.

Click Download PDF to download the customized and edited file.

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