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Attribute Translation

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2016 04:34PM EDT
Attribute Filters allows you to tag the marketing materials you make available in your library with different types of criteria. This allows your partners to quickly locate the marketing materials they are looking for based on those attributes. For example, you can setup attributes for a specific language, audience or product type. The partner simply checks on/off the filters to narrow the results in their library.​
Getting There
To create new Attributes click Settings and then choose the Attributes tab. A list of previously created attributes is displayed.
​Creating New Attributes
Click the New Attribute Type button.

A list of fields display. Choose the appropriate field type for the attribute. If you need to set more than one value choose a multiple selection option. Selecting an option loads the attribute details screen.

Provide a name, description and choose if it is a required field.

Decide where the attribute will be used. You have the following options:

  • Campaign Filtering: Filter used when browsing Campaigns.
  • Library Filtering: Filters used when browsing content in the Library.
  • Campaign Preview Filtering: Filters used when browsing content with a Campaign.
  • Plan Settings for Accounts: Attribute applied to Plans when utilizing Campaign Planning.
  • Campaign Settings for Accounts: Attribute applied to a Campaign when utilizing Campaign Planning.

If this attribute should be available for multiple programs, select the programs from the list.

Enter the Options for the attribute. For example, if the attribute is Language, your options may be English, Spanish, and French. As you add options, an additional field is automatically added.

When finished entering this information click Save. This creates the attribute and adds it to the list available when creating content.
Attribute Translations
To facilitate partners and make working in StructuredWeb as easy as possible for all users, you have the ability to translate the user interface to whichever available language they are most comfortable with. To that end you have the ability to create translations for your custom library filters.

To begin this process, click the Localize button beneath the Attributes tab and select Export.

Select the format you would like to download (XLS or CSV) from the drop down and click Export to download the list of attributes for localization.

The exported file will contain columns for each language available through UI translation along with the current English attributes. Within the spreadsheet, enter the translated version of the Attribute Name and Option Name in the corresponding row under the respective language column. Any languages that are left blank will default to the English translation.

After entering all the translated values for the languages you'll be using and saving your file, you are now ready to import these localized attribute values back into the system. Select the Localize button again and click Import

Click Browse or Choose File to select the saved export from your computer and click the Import button to load the spreadsheet.

Once the import is complete you should receive a successful import notification. To view the translated attributes close this pop-up and select one of the languages you imported the translations for from the Translation drop down.
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