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Send Your Own Direct Mailer

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2016 06:56AM EDT
Direct mail is a way of advertising in which you mail printed ads, letters or other solicitations to large groups of consumers.Bulk-mail rates are used to lower the cost of the mailing, and targeted mailing lists are used to maximize potential response. StructuredWeb provides you with the ability to upload your own creative or use from our ready made library. The ready made library is industry specific.
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Creation Upload Creative Mailing List PURL's
Task & Alerts Export Reports
​Select the Direct Mail tab at the top of the page. This loads the direct mail screen.

Select the New Direct Mail button located at the top of the page. Next, choose the content source for the campaign. Three options will be displayed:

  • Ready made campaigns: Pre-configured direct mail. Simply choose the direct mail, apply your mailing list and send.

  • Copy previous direct mail: This option copies over an exact one to one match of an existing campaign and optionally copies over the mailing list from that previous campaign.

  • New content: Create new content from scratch. This lets you set up all of the campaign options, tracking, leads, content, etc. yourself starting from an empty template.

Choose the appropriate content source by selecting the hyperlink.  Choosing Ready Made vs. New Content is slightly different. We have broken down the steps below:

​Ready Made
If you selected the Ready Made option simply browse for the direct mail piece you want to use and choose the Select button on the right side of the page.

New Content
If you selected New Content provide the direct mail tactic a name and description and choose the Save button.


Upload Creative
If you have selected to create your own direct mail tactic you can upload the creative. This step is optional and not required. Choose the Content tab at the top of the screen. Click the Choose File button and locate the file you want to upload.

After the content has been uploaded select the Mailing List tab.
Mailing List
The mailing list is the group of contacts that will receive the direct mail campaign. It’s very important to apply the correct mailing list. If you accidentally apply the wrong mailing list, the campaign will be sent to the wrong recipients. You want to make sure the mailing list is complete with address, city, state and postal. You can add contacts to your mailing list manually, by a group or an advanced search.
  • Adding contacts manually: Use the quick search function to search by first, last, company or email address. Choose the “Add to campaign” button next to the contact to manually add them to the campaign.

  • Adding group of contacts: Select the drop down button under the “Group Mailing List” option. Place a check in the box next to the group you would like to add and choose the “Add checked groups” button.

  • Running advanced search: Select the “Advanced Search” button and follow the steps to build your search criteria. When you’re finished select the “Run the Search” button.

When your mailing list has been inserted, the next step is to setup the personalized URLs for the campaign. Select the Personalized URLs tab located at the top of the page.

Personalized URLs
Personalized URLs allow you to generate a unique URL for each contact receiving the direct mail. When contacts receive the mail and follow the personalized URL it allows you to track the success of your campaign.

Determine the personalized URL domain name. You can use any domain that you own, either one you normally use or one specifically for the campaign. If you use a domain for more than one campaign the personalized URL that is generated will become more complex, decreasing the likelihood that recipients will use the personalized URL.

The landing page URL allows you to set the URL for the landing page within the StructuredWeb system.

If the page you want the personalized URL to go to is hosted within StructuredWeb, check the box for "Select a page on your site you would like to link to." Clicking "Select a page" allows you to view a list of available pages. Once you find the desired page, click the hyperlink to select that page.

If you wish to use a special theme for the landing page, check "Use a special theme design for this landing page."  Use the "Theme design:" dropdown box to determine the theme you want to use.

Click Save when you are finished setting up the personalized URLs. After the personalized URLs have been set up, select the Tasks and Alerts tab at the top of the page.

Tasks and Alerts
Tasks and Alerts can create feedback when a contact enters a personalized URL. Place a check in the box next to action(s) you want to occur and choose which user you want to assign it to. Your choices are:
  • Send an email alert

  • Create a new lead

One week after the campaign has been completed you have the option of sending a summary report. If you wish to send the report, check the Send an email summary report box and use the drop down to select who should receive the report. If you want all owners of contacts to receive the email, select All record owners of contacts in this campaign; otherwise, select the user to receive the email. You can send additional emails by entering the email address(es) in the Send a copy to: box. Click Save when you are finished.

The final step before sending out your email campaign is to export the direct mail.

Exporting is the final step in building a direct mail campaign. The first step to exporting a direct mail campaign is disabling test mode. By default all direct mail campaigns are set to "test mode" when created. Select the Settings tab. Under Enable testing mode select "No, disable test mode I am sending the campaign out".  When finished select the Save button.

After you have disabled test mode, select the Export tab. This allows you to download your mailing list in CSV format. You can provide this list to your local printer and they can quickly merge all the contact and PURL fields into your direct mail piece.

After the direct mail campaign is sent you can check on the results from the campaign by accessing the "Reports" tab.

Reports allow you to view the success of your campaign. The summary will separate the campaign by contact owner, as well as showing the overall campaign summary at the top. The summary screen shows you the amount of mail sent and opportunities created, both as a total number and a percentage. You can export or print the data by clicking the "Export" or "Print" buttons at the top right of the page, respectively.
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