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Managing Contacts & Accounts

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2016 09:18AM EDT
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To edit an existing record contact information select the records name from the search dashboard. This loads the contact summary screen. 

Click the contact Name at the top left of the contact information screen.

In the fields provided make the necessary >modifications. Click Save when finished.

From the contact summary screen click Notes.

Choose your note type. Choose whether the note is for an Outgoing Call, Incoming Call, Meeting Notes, Note or Email. In the content editor provide enter the details of your note. When done click Save.

StructuredWeb has its own integrated calendar. It allows you to store different types of tasks such as meetings, follow ups and to do's for specific contacts.

From the contact summary screen click Calendar.

Choose the date, time, type and other basic information about the calendar entry.

To set a recurrence click Recurrences and choose the recurrence pattern.

To add attendees click Attendees and choose the contacts and users you want to invite.  Click Save when done.

Quick Actions
If you are calling a contact list you can quickly edit contact information, add notes and create calendar activities directly from the contact search screen. This allows you to quickly and efficiently move through your call list.

Next to each contact on your search search there is an arrow. Click the arrow to load the action items. 

If you want to load the action items for all contacts on the page select the arrow at the top of the page.

Choose the action you need to perform. You can edit the contact, enter a note, create a calendar entry or view activity.

You can manually delete contacts and accounts from the system. Please note this permanently removes the contact from your account.

From the search screen check the box next to each record you want to delete. If you want to delete all contacts on a given page check the first checkbox at the top.

Click the Delete button.

A warning message will display. To continue, click Yes, Delete.

Bulk Delete
Bulk deletion removes contact and account from an entire search. This can be your entire database, a group  or a specific search. Run a search on the contacts you want to delete. View the article on Searching for more information on how to create searches.

After you have run your search the results will be displayed on the contact page.

Click Tools above the search results and select Delete Customers.

A warning prompt will display notifying you that this action will permanently delete the contacts. To continue select Yes, Delete these Records.
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