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Custom Nurturing Campaign

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018 01:47PM EST
Nurturing campaigns are an automated series of emails, allowing for automatic opt-in based on triggers, and do not require any ongoing maintenance once launched, this process is also known as a drip campaign. Nurture campaigns can be based on previously created email tactics or new email tactics. 
What will I find in this article?

From the Nurturing tab, select the New Nurturing Campaign button. 

Choose the content source for the campaign. You have two options:
  • Ready Made: Pre-configured emails. Simply choose the email, apply your mailing list and send. For a more in-depth explanation of ready made emails, view the Emails - Ready Made article.
  • New Content: Create new content from scratch. This lets you set up all of the campaign options, tracking, leads, and content.

Choose a source by selecting the source hyperlink. If you select the New Content or Template option it loads the campaign setup screen. In the fields provided give the email a name and description. Recipients of the email will not see this information as it is internal only.

Email Series
​If you selected a Ready Made option it automatically pulls the emails in. If you selected New Content you must add the emails to the nurture campaign. To add a new email select the New Email button.

Choose your content source. Four options will be displayed:
  • Ready Made: Pre-configured emails. Simply choose the email, apply your mailing list and send. For a more in-depth explanation of ready made emails, view the Emails - Ready Made article.

  • Copy previous email: This option copies over an exact one to one match of an existing campaign and optionally copies over the mailing list from that previous campaign with the unsubscribed and rejected emails already removed.
  • Template library: Select a template from your company library. The content library contains generic layouts for newsletters, product releases, announcements, press releases, etc. Browse through the library and customize the template to fit your needs.
  • New Content: Create new content from scratch. This lets you set up all of the campaign options, tracking, leads, content, etc. yourself starting from an empty template. Utilize the content editor to it's fullest capabilities to build your email.

Create the email as you would a normal email. For further assistance on creating an email view the article Creating and Sending an Email.

After you are finished creating the email, use the breadcrumb trail to navigate back to the nurturing campaign.
When you return to the Nurturing campaign, you are taken to the Messages tab. Choose the frequency between sending messages, whether weekends are skipped, and the time when the message will be sent. These dates cannot be changed after you have added a mailing list. You can edit the number of days or time by clicking the number.

After setting the dates, you will want to activate the campaign.

To be able to add a search or mailing list to the nurturing the campaign, the campaign must first be made active. Above the Messages tab, toggle the Active status to On.

Select the Mailing List tab to add contacts to the campaign.
Mailing List

The Mailing List tab is where you add contacts to the nurturing campaign, either by adding the contacts directly or by setting up an automated search to add contacts when the meet a specific search criteria. When contacts are added to the mailing list then the campaigns will automatically scheduled. If you have set up searches they can be used to automatically add further customers to this list.  Adding your mailing list should be the last step of sending your nurture email.  Once you add your mailing list the contacts are automatically scheduled to receive the emails based on the frequency set.  Adjusting the frequency will effects new contacts added to the mailing list only. 

You can add contacts to your mailing list from a a group or with an advanced search.
  • New Search: Select the New Search option and follow the steps to build your search criteria. See the Searching article for assistance with building an advanced search. When you are finished click Run the Search.
  • Saved Search: If you've previously created an advanced search and saved it, you can run that same search again by selecting Saved Search, then select the search to run.
  • Saved Groups: Attach a previously created group of contacts to the email. Click Saved Groups and then check the box(es) for the group to add to the mailing list, then click Add checked groups.Select the drop down button under Group Mailing List.
  • Import: Import contacts into the mailing list using a CSV or XLS file. See our article on the Import process for more information.

After adding contacts to the mailing list you will be unable to change the scheduled dates for the email series. At this point the campaign is scheduled and will go out based on your contact settings.
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