On the StructuredWeb platform, you will be working with many different partner accounts to help them strategize, download and execute different types of tactics. To access partner accounts, you will first need to log into a designated master account. From the master account, you can login to each partner’s account separately through the Program Manager.

The Program Manager is a scope of the StructuredWeb platform available under each Master Account. It is the central hub of the platform and is your administrative area. It's important to understand the difference between the functionality and the tasks you will complete in the Program Manager and Partner Accounts. We’ll show you how to login to the Master Account and then walk you through these differences below.


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1. Master Account

After your user account has been setup by your program administrator, you will receive an automated email that includes your account ID, username and a link to setup your account password.

After your password is setup you can log into the master program account at www.structuredweb.com or by clicking here. From the login page enter your Account ID, username and password and click Login.


2. Program Manager

The Program Manager is a scope within the master account which acts as your administrative portion of the platform. You will utilize the Program Manager to setup and onboard partners.  Some common tasks you may complete in the Program Manager include uploading partner company information, such as company logo, or importing mailing lists. In addition to onboarding partner accounts, the Program Manager acts as a Partner Relationship Management tool.

It is important to note that many of your colleagues will also have access to the master Program Account, such as the creative team who is tasked to create and manage the content available to your partners.


3. Partner Account

You will access each Partner Account through the Program Manager.  The partner account is where both you and the partners login to access and execute tactics made available to them in the Partner Demand Center. Each partner has their own unique account separate from each other, however users within the same organization have access to the same account. Once you login to the partner account, you are seeing the platform the same way that a partner would.

The partners themselves login directly to their own accounts. If your Master Program Account utilizes Single Sign On (SSO), your partners will be able to login to their account with their existing credentials used to login to your existing partner portal. If not, partners can login to their accounts at www.structuredweb.com or by clicking here. Your program may also have a designated microsite that partners can access to learn more about the program and login. The login process from the microsite could use either SSO or their Account ID, username, and password.


4.  Partner Account Login

Under the Accounts tab in Program Manager, use the search function to locate the partner account. Click the Login link next to the partner’s Account ID.

This loads the login page in a new window. Enter the same login credentials you use to login to your program account. 

 This logs you into the partner account and brings you to the partner’s Demand Center Homepage.