When you first login to the Program Manager from the master account you are brought to your default program and will see a list of accounts that you are currently managing. The Program Manager is typically broken down into folder subsets that are called Programs. Partners may belong to one or more programs.



Programs are used to segment the different types of assets and content available to your partners. These materials are not shared individually to partners but instead to an entire program.  The partners that are then subscribed to that particular program can utilize those assets.

By segmenting partners into different programs you are able to differentiate assets that belong to specific partner types such as tiers, regions, language or product offerings.  Lets use regions as an example. Promotions for your North American partners might not be applicable for your European partners. Creating these regional programs gets the right assets to the right subset of partners while at the same time hiding content from partners that isn’t useful. This provides a better user experience for the partner allowing them to quickly locate content specifically for them.

In addition to separating assets, programs aggregated data based on the subscribed partners.  For example you can quickly run a report on which emails are performing the best for a particular region or product offering.


From the Program Manager, use the Current Program dropdown at the top of the page to select the program you want to view.  This then loads the new program and the assigned accounts.