In order to create and maintain assets for your channel partners it’s important to understand how co-branding operates within StructuredWeb. Assets created in the platform should be aesthetically designed to include personalized information about the partners company. This includes information such as their company logo, business address, phone number and value proposition. We call this information “Marketing Assets.”


Market Assets

Marketing Assets are unique merge fields that are strategically placed throughout the content being created. The creative may call for the partners logo to be placed in the upper left hand corner next to your vendor logo. Instead of inserting a placeholder for the partners logo you will insert the Market Asset merge field for “Partner Logo.” You can review the exact merge field to use by accessing the Assets tab of the content you are creating. Market Asset merge fields follow this format: [MarketAssetxxxx].

Marketing assets are extremely customizable. They can consist of images, string fields, number fields or even an HTML block. This gives you the creative freedom to build content to follow your branding guidelines yet allow the platform to merge in the information needed for a partner to successfully execute a professional looking marketing asset.   

In order for partners to access and utilize assets made available to them they first need to setup their account. If a partner attempts to download or execute content without uploading or missing marketing assets they are prompted to finish setting up their account.


General Use

When creating co-branded assets it important to note that the data being merged into the content will be slightly different from partner to partner. For example, partner logos come in different shapes, sizes and colors. When creating your asset you need to accommodate for this and leave enough spacing to allow different image sizes to be placed accordingly. Failure to do so might make the content look disorganized and unaligned.