You should now begin identifying who will need access to the platform. This can include your own internal team, contracted resources such as creative or telemarketing agencies, PMM’s or additional consultants. The platform is permission based and users can be segmented based on their role. For example, creative users only have access to building and maintaining assets whereas PMM’s need access to manage their assigned partners.

The sooner you can identify your team the better. This allows us to quickly identify the point of contacts we will need to work with and eventually train on the application.

Below are some common roles we see:


  • Admin users - access to everything, like partner accounts, projects, and content setup 
  • Designers - access to the templates and content based on the templates that will be available from the self-service library. 
  • Marketing Manager (vPMM) - access to the partner accounts, able to manage partners in the Program Manager and access their partner account to assist with executing content.  
  • Marketplace Agency - Access to manage their own projects for services ordered through the marketplace, can also access the self-service library for the partners that order their services 
  • Reporting - Users who need access to reporting data in the system, but will not be working with partners, managing content, etc. 

These roles above are just guidelines, the setup of unique roles is customizable  if a user doesn't fit into one of the above roles a custom permission group can be created using the default roles above as a template.