Upon accessing the Program Manager, the Accounts tab is chosen by default, this contains a list of all of the partner accounts on the program. The Search feature under accounts allows one to quickly type in the name of the partner they want to work with. Accounts can be filtered by “Active Accounts” or “Inactive Accounts” by selecting the appropriate radio button next to the search bar. Active Accounts are accounts currently using the application in some form, and Inactive Accounts are accounts that are no longer actively using the application. If the partner is not listed in the program manager you need to create a new account.


Creating New Accounts

Select the New Account button located at the top of the page. This loads the new account page.

Enter the accounts contact information including a Username, Password, and Website Address. By default, the username auto-populates as the partner's email address and the website address auto-populates as the company's name (if available).

All accounts need a unique website address, even if it’s just for their landing pages. Try to keep the website address as short as possible to prevent typos and confusion.

When finished select the Save button at the bottom of the screen. This creates the account and adds it to the program.


Setting Subscriptions

The next step in account creation is setting subscriptions. Having subscriptions set allows the partner to access content from the vendor library and to receive content pushed to their account. The necessary subscriptions are set by default, simply click Save at the bottom to ensure they are applied to this account.


Completing the Process

Call Tracking settings and Market Assets can be set for the partner now or at a later time period. It is important to set these before executing content, so be sure to come back to them if you do not complete the process now. Instructions on setting up call tracking can be found here. For instructions on Market Assets, they can be found here.


Pushing Content

The final step in the account creation process is to copy permissions and access to the partner account. This allows yourself and other program users to log in if needed and for the partner to access the library content. Click the name of the partner account from the Accounts tab.

Once the partner's information loads, click the blue Push Content button to copy these permissions.


Profile Field Setup

If you use profile fields to filter content to partners, the next step should be to set those profiles on this partner account. Select the Profile tab above the partner's name, then click the Edit button.

Choose the profiles by checking the box next to the corresponding option or entering the necessary information and clicking Update.

Active and Inactive Accounts

To de-activate a partner account, search for the partner under the Accounts tab and place a check in the box to the left of their account. Click the Mark Inactive button to move them from an active account to inactive.

To reactivate an account, toggle over to the Inactive Accounts list using the radio button next to the search bar.

Repeat the previous process by checking off the partners to re-activate and clicking the Mark Active button.