Most emails, banners and other tactics have a call to action which urges the recipient to click through to a landing page in order to submit their information. When you select an email from your vendor library to bring into your account it will also bring in a landing page that is customizable in much the same way the email itself may be customizable. Editing and customizing the landing page settings is done in a separate are from the email. 

When activating landing pages specifically from a campaign, this landing page will only need to be set up once. This customized landing page will be attached to all content within the campaign. If you are looking for several copies of a landing page with different customized content, you can activate multiple copies of a landing page in the asset library.


Getting There

After customizing your email, you must select the Landing Pages tab to find the name of the form that is being used for this email. 

Once you know the name of the landing page, select the Tactics tab and then Forms in order to view a list of the landing pages on your account. Click the name of the form that was attached to your email. Most of the time, this should be the form at the top of the list.

Form Fields

The landing page will be set up with form fields by your vendor, you may or may not be able to edit the fields - depending upon the your vendor's settings. Form fields can be removed by selecting the red “X” to the left of the field name. You can reorder the form fields by dragging and dropping the field to the desired location.

To edit the current fields, click on them to open a pop up at the top of the page. To add addition form fields, select the Add a Field button at the top of the page. This allows you to add contact fields or custom text fields. 


Modify the remainder of the content of the form by clicking within the form layout box or selecting the Edit Content option, depending on which is available.

  Depending on your vendor library, your email can be edited using one of the following two methods:

  • Content Editor: The content editor provides full access to customize the form as required. You can adjust font sizes and colors as well as insert links and images. By placing the mouse over each icon in the toolbar of the editor it will tell you specifically what that option does. After you have finished editing the content around the [FormFields] click Save.
  • Point and Click: With a few clicks, you can add or change images or text, and translate the content within the landing page without interfering with the integrity of the overall design. Choose from a pre-determined image library or upload your own. 

Content that can be modified has a red serrated square in the surrounding area. By placing your mouse over that area, a pencil icon appears. 

If you prefer to view all editable fields directly, you can do so using the Table View Edit option. This will display all editable fields in a list format. To the right of the listed fields is a preview of your form.

To modify that section click on the Pencil icon. In the new window, simply enter the new content into the field(s) provided to update the content.

If the section you are modifying requires an image to be replaced click the Choose File button and locate the image on your computer. When finished, select the Save button at the bottom of the page. The image will automatically resize to fit within the target location.

When finished modifying this section click Save at the bottom of the window. You can then move on to edit the next section of the form.

Once you have made all needed changes to the content, click Save & Refresh Preview at the top of the page to generate the form with the changes.



Confirmation Page

The Confirmation Page allows is the page that gets displayed after a customer completes the form on the landing page. This is not usually editable, however if you have the ability you can make changes using the content editor. When finished, click Save.



Confirmation Email

The Confirmation Email allows you to create an email confirmation that gets sent to customers after they have filled out the form. By default this is turned off. If you want to send an email confirmation, select Yes, otherwise leave No selected. If you decide to send customers a confirmation email, create a subject line for the email and then edit the content of the email using the content editor. When finished, click Save.


Distribution Tab

Distribution is the alert sent to a user when a customer fills out the form. By default the alert will be sent to your account administrator. The Distribution tab allows you to decide which user(s) the form submissions and new contacts will be applied to. There are two choices:


  • Assign everything to one user: Choose which user and how the forms and new contacts are assigned by clicking Edit.


  • Assign based on a rule about how the forms are filled out:
    1. Click Select a rule.
    2. Click Add new rule.
    3. Name the rule and choose the field you wish to use.

When finished click Save.