A mailing list is the group of contacts that will receive the campaign. Mailing lists are used for any marketing material that requires you to send information to specific contacts, primarily as email. You cannot send campaigns without applying a mailing list. It is very important to apply the correct mailing list. If you accidentally apply the wrong mailing list the campaign will be sent to the wrong recipients.

You can add contacts to your mailing list manually, with an import, by a group or with an advanced search.


  • New Search: Select the New Search option and follow the steps to build your search criteria. See the Searching article for assistance with building an advanced search. When you are finished click Run the Search. Here are some common search criteria:
    • Contact Information – Criteria built on the records contact information such as city, state, postal, country, area code, broadcast status and many more.
    • eMarketing Campaigns – Criteria built on email campaigns not sent, sent, opened, or clicked to contacts.
    • Forms – Criteria built on overall form submission or specific data entered on the form.
    • Profiles – Criteria built on profile information attached to the record such as vendor interest, number of employees, credit rating, or industry type.
    • Opportunities – Criteria built on forecasted sales opportunities entered into StructuredWeb. You can search on opportunity amount, closing date, creation date, probability, source and stage.
  • Saved Search: If you've previously created an advanced search and saved it, you can run that same search again by selecting Saved Search, then select the search to run.
  • Saved Groups: Attach a previously created group of contacts to the email. Click Saved Groups and then check the box(es) for the group to add to the mailing list, then click Add checked groups.Select the drop down button under Group Mailing List.
  • Import: Import contacts into the mailing list using a CSV file. See our article on the Import process for more information.