Integrated campaigns helps you create and organize partner marketing strategy to reach their sales and marketing goals. You can specify tactics such as emails, direct mail and banner ads, revenue goals and different types of attributes such as product categories, business segment, industry vertical and geography.

To create an integrated campaign select the Campaigns tab from the program manager. Previously created campaigns will be listed.


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Campaign Creation

To modify an existing campaign select the name. To create a new campaign select the New Campaign button.

In the Campaign Information fields give the campaign a name, description, and thumbnail.

Select any attributes that may apply to the campaign.

Click Save & Continue when finished.


Campaign Description

In the partner campaign view, each campaign has an overview page. The Description tab is where you are able to create the content for the overview page. This is where the information on the campaign should be provided. The page has many default options, such as the thumbnail, attributes, and description of the campaign. These default options pull the information from the matching fields on the Settings tab.

You can customize this content as well, using the content editor. You can describe the campaign, advise on the target audience, list the products or services it focuses on and explain what is included in the campaign.

Click Save when done.


Add Tactics

To add tactics to the campaign, click Tactics.

You have three options to add tactics to the campaign:


  • Search: Use the Add Tactics search box to search for the specific tactic you want to add. After the list of tactics that meet the search are displayed, click Add to campaign to add the tactic to the campaign.


  • Browse tactics: This takes you to a library view of available tactics. Use the filters on the right to narrow your results. Click the Plus icon at the top right of the thumbnail to add tactics to the campaign.

To see a preview of the tactic, click the thumbnail image. To select the tactic click Add to Campaign from the preview.


  • New Tactic: Select the type of tactic you want to create.

Create the tactic as you normally would. When finished, follow the breadcrumbs back to the campaign.


Activate & Share

After the tactics have been added to the campaign, it needs to be activated to make it available to partners. To activate the campaign click the Publish to Accounts button.

Select the program(s) where this campaign and all included tactics should be shared. This will update the shared programs for ALL tactics and the campaign itself. After selecting the programs click Publish to update.

The settings for tactics can also be updated for only a subset of the tactics in the campaign. To update the settings for some tactics, first check the box to the left of all tactic you want to update then click the the Settings button.


  • Attributes - Allows you to update the tactics attributes for all selected tactics. These attributes are used for your reporting and filtering purposes for partners.
  • Share - Allows you to share specific tactics to the program(s) of your choice, in addition to the program(s) you published the campaign to. This can be useful if you want some of the tactics in the campaign to only be available to partners in a specific campaign.

Once the campaign is activated you can share it directly to partners or other users. Select the Description tab and click Share above the editor for a direct link to the campaign. You can provide this link directly to partners, which will prompt them to login. Once they have logged in, they will be taken directly to the campaign.