Having an active social media presence should be an important to marketing efforts. According to the Nielsen 2012 Social Media Report, over 121 billion minutes were spent on social media sites. This makes it a great outlet for company and brand recognition. The challenge with social media marketing is keeping LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts updated with the latest news and promotions you are offering. This is where StructuredWeb can help. You can organize your posts into different campaign types and use our advanced scheduler to post for future dates and times. It allows you to create a single set of posts and publish it to all accounts subscribed to the social campaign.


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Create Campaign

To create a new social media campaign from the Program Manager select the Tactics tab and then the Social tab and choose the  New Social Campaign button.

Select which social media site you want to create the campaign on. Your choices are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Create a name and description for the new campaign. For example, if your social postings will be about special promotions title it Promotions.


Adding Landing Pages And Themes

When initially setting up a Social Media program you have the option to set up a Social header. The social header displays at the top of the page when a contact clicks a link within the content of post, maintaining the partner's branding as the contact views the linked material. A social header consists of the header page and corresponding theme design. Setting up the social header ensures that the header is added to the partner account when the social campaign is added to their account.

Click on the Landing Pages tab and begin typing the name of the corresponding social posting header landing page into the box that reads Content Search.

Click the Page name of the social header to add it to the campaign. Repeat this process to add the Design theme as well. This ensures that the social header is added to the partner account along with the social campaign. If your social header links to a Contact Us form, you can attach it here as well.

Once the design and page are both added, check the boxes on the right hand side of the page under Social Sharing Header. This designates the page and design as the social header. Note you should not check the Social Sharing Header box for the Contact Us form.

Scheduling Posts

Once the social campaign is available to partners you can begin scheduling posts. Scheduling posts is a simple process. Simply click the Posts tab and enter the content you want to post in the text field provided.

You additionally have the option to upload images to go along with the text of your post, while Twitter and Facebook also allows you to attach video. Simply click the camera or video recorder icons to select whether you want to upload an image or video and select it from your computer. You can also click the picture icon to select an image uploaded to your Image Library. After uploading your images or video, a thumbnail will display below the post text.

As you enter the content of the post, you will see a preview of the post to the right. To create a link, paste the link URL into the text field, including the http:// or https://. The preview will automatically replace the URL with a shortened form of the link.

After creating the content of your post you can schedule it for a future date and time. The scheduler allows you to plan your social posts as far into the future as you want. If you want your users to be able to reschedule the posts from your original schedule time, then select Yes for Allow users to edit date & time.

If you want the social header to display for this post, select Yes for Display branded header. Keep in mind that some websites or pages do not support the social header. For example, when linking directly to a file, like a PDF, or to a website like YouTube that does not support the header then it should be turned Off.

Once you a ready to your post to partners, click Save & Publish posts.


Importing Social Posts

To create multiple text-only posts at once, you can import social posts. This allows you to import a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) or XLS file with your post data to create multiple posts at once. Click Here to download a sample file you can use. The CSV file should have three columns:

  • Content: The is is the actual text content for your post. Be sure to include the link (if needed) in this section as well.
  • Date: The date the content will be posted. You can format the date using your preferred format, such as mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Time: The time of day, relative to your timezone, that the content will be posted. This can be formatted either in AM/PM format or 24-hour format.


After creating your file, in the social campaign click the Import Posts button.

Select the Time Format and Date Format used in your import file. Click Browse... to select the file from your computer.

Click Import to import the posts into the social campaign.


Quality Assurance

At the bottom of the page you will see a list of all posts sorted by date and status. If the post includes a video or images, thumbnails for the image(s) will display along with the post text. The top of the displays show posts that are still scheduled. If you need to delete a post that is still scheduled simply place a check in the box next to the post and select the Delete button. Click the Clock icon to edit the scheduled date and time for the post.

Above the post that have been entered is a drop-down menu that will contain the list of partners that are subscribed. Clicking on a partners name will display their individually managed posts on their account.

Please note that the URLs for any links in the individual posts that were pushed to the partners account are populated with the tiny URL format from StructuredWeb.

Each link from a post should take you to the a page with that partners social media page header and the included linked page below the header.

If the link displays the social header but not the content of the link, then the page does not support the social header. To fix this issue, you can Delete the post and recreate it with Display Branded Header set to No.


Partners With Missing Assets

In the event that a partners logos, address and other assets are not populating correctly please check their assets tab on their account on the program and make the necessary updates/edits and then hit the Push Content button to update. Otherwise, contact the account manager to notify/request the addition of the missing assets.

Edits to a Partners assets should be made to the partner account before posts will be pushed out to them on the program to eliminate confusion and issues with the links.


Now that the campaigns have been created, you can activate them in the library. This allows your partners to browse and locate the social campaigns in their library. If you are a Social Media Manager who will be running and managing the Social campaigns for all partners, click here to view the support article on running the social campaigns from the Program Manager.

To add the Social Campaign to the library for partners to access, go to Settings.

Select Yes for Would you like to make this message available for pulling from the managed library? If you want to share the campaign to other available programs, select them from the programs list.

Once the programs are chosen content can be further filtered to partners by selecting Yes under Would you like to limit access based on account profile fields: 

Select the appropriate profile fields that the tactic should be available for by placing a check next to their name. Click Save when finished.