Making documents available to partners is an important and often overlooked aspect of a successful program. The partners are able to use these documents for their own marketing, in addition to the campaigns you make available through the program. Using the Program Manager, you can easily make documents and files available for partners to quickly pull the document of their choice into their account to use as they wish. Similar files can even be grouped together to allow partners to quickly locate all of the materials they need. To share documents with partners, login to the Program Manager.


1.  Getting There

From the Program Manager navigate to Tactics and then the Files subtab.


2.  Document Upload

A list of previously uploaded files is displayed.  To access an existing file select the file name.  To upload a new file click New File. If you want to setup a Co-Branded PDF, click here to view the support article. In this case we will select the All other files option.

Select New content to start from scratch.

In the fields provided enter a Name and Description for the file.  When partners attempt to locate this file these are the values displayed within the platform.  Be as detailed as possible.  When finished, click Save.  This brings you to the file content.

Before uploading your file(s) you will need to upload a preview image. Click to upload and select your thumbnail image. The preview image displays to partners before they download the file to give them a better understanding of what they're downloading. This preview image can be whatever you want depending on the file, but is often a screenshot of the document or first page of the document. We recommend your thumbnail be 640x820px, although you can change the thumbnail size as needed to best fit your file.

Next, select if you will be uploading the files directly to StructuredWeb or if you will be linking to files stored externally. If you want StructuredWeb to host the files for your partners to download select Upload file(s). Drag the file(s) into the Add file(s) box or click it to upload the files to include in the tactic. Once the files are uploaded they will display below the box, where you can rename them. You can upload up to 1GB of files total for a tactic. 

If instead you want to link to files uploaded elsewhere or other external resources, select Link to file(s). Enter the external URL in the URL field and Name the link to let partners know where the link goes. If you want multiple links included click Add link. When done click Save.

 3.  Activate

After the file has been loaded into the platform you can turn it on in your library. Click Settings and choose  "Yes" next to the option "Would you like to make this message available for pulling from the managed library?" If you have access to multiple programs choose the programs it should be available in.

Once the programs are chosen content can be further filtered to partners by selecting Yes under Would you like to limit access based on account profile fields: 

Select the appropriate profile fields that the tactic should be available for by placing a check next to their name. Click Save when done.