Integrated campaigns helps you create and organize partner marketing strategy to reach their sales and marketing goals. You can specify tactics such as emails, direct mail and banner ads, revenue goals and different types of attributes such as product categories, business segment, industry vertical and geography.

To create an integrated campaign select the Campaigns tab from the program manager. Previously created campaigns will be listed.


Create a New Campaign

To modify an existing campaign select the name. To create a new campaign select the New Campaign button.

In the Campaign Information fields give the plan a name, revenue goal, description, duration and insert a thumbnail.

If you have access to multiple programs choose the programs that you want to use the campaign in. Select Save & Continue when finished. Once you save the campaign it will be available for users to access.



This screen displays an overview of goals and conversion rates for the campaign. Every section displayed on this screen is connected. As you adjust the values in each section it re-adjusts the conversion rates and the overall costs for the campaign. The goals dashboard is broken into four different sections, depending on the type of campaign created.



Campaign Goals

This is the first section of the dashboard. It provides you with an overview of the campaign's revenue goal, the average order and how many orders you will need to hit to reach your revenue goal for the campaign. You can adjust any of these fields by placing the cursor within the field. It will then recalculate based on the new data entered.

Outbound Marketing Tactics
Outbound marketing tactics are outbound activities such as emails or direct mail. This section displays all outbound marketing tactics attached to the campaign. It also provides you with an overview of conversion rates for page visits to leads, from leads to opportunities and from opportunities to orders. Use the slider bar to adjust these rates accordingly. Adjustments made will automatically recalculate.

Inbound Marketing Tactics
Inbound Marketing tactics are inbound activities such as pay per click and banner ad tactics. This section displays all inbound marketing tactics attached to the campaign. It provides you with an overview of conversion rates for page visits to leads, from leads to opportunities and from opportunities to orders. Adjustments made will automatically be recalculated.

Campaign Costs and Goals
This section simply provides you with a breakdown of costs and goals for the campaign. These values are calculated based on the conversion rates that you set for campaign goals, inbound marketing tactics and outbound marketing tactics.

If you make any changes to the campaign goals select the Save and Continue; button located at the bottom of the page. This loads the Tactics screen.
Adding/Reviewing Tactics
The tactics screen provides you with an overview of tactics that are attached to the specific campaign you accessed such as email, direct mail, banner ads or pay per click. You can search, activate and remove tactics directly on this screen.
Add Ready-made Tactics
Use the search box to the right of each option and search for the specific tactic you want to add. After the list of tactics is displayed, choose the Add to campaign button to add the tactic to the plan. Repeat this step until all the tactics are added.


Create New Tactics
Click "New Tactic."

Select the type of tactic you want to create.

Create the tactic as you normally would. When finished, follow the breadcrumbs back to the campaign.