Video tactics allow you to upload or share videos to partners. You can share videos with your partners either by uploading the video as an mp4 or sharing a video that has been uploaded into a separate video player such as YouTube or Vimeo. Your partners can then find the video in their library or campaigns, play the video in the preview, and grab the code to embed the video onto their website. Once you have created and made an video available for partners, they are able to access and embed the video on their website.


What will I find in this article?

1.  Video Creation

From the Program Manager select the Tactics tab then choose the Video tab.

This loads the video library.  All previously created videos will be listed. To access an existing video simply select the name of the video. To create a new video click New Video.


This loads the setup screen. In the fields provided, give the video a name and description. These will both be visible to your partners when they are browsing the library, so it's important that the name and description provide partners with a good understanding of the video.

If you have any attributes for tactics in your program, fill out the attributes that apply for your video.

When finished click Save at the bottom of the page.


2.  Video Content

Now that the video tactic has been created you can link it to the actual video file. When selecting your video file you have two main options:


  • StructuredWeb Video Upload: Upload an .mp4 file to StructuredWeb to make it available to your partners. This option will give your partners the ability to download the video file. If you are uploading the file to StructuredWeb then you will need to Browse and select it from your computer.
  • Select a Video Player: Select from the list of available video players where your video is hosted. This option will provide your partners with the code needed to embed the video onto their website. YouTube and Vimeo are the available default video players. If you would like to add additional video players or customize the available players see our article on Creating New Video Players.

In the Video ID field enter the unique video ID for your video. The format of the video ID will differ depending on your specific video player, but can typically be found in the page URL when viewing the video. Click Preview after entering your video to view the Preview and confirm the correct video is displayed.

After confirming the correct video displays and plays properly, click Save.


3.  Activate

When the video is ready you can make it available to partners from the Settings tab. The system will generate a preview image and thumbnail by default. However, if you want to upload a selected thumbnail you can do so. Click Choose File next to Add a thumbnail to select the thumbnail image you would like to use from your computer. Note that the thumbnail image must be 200 x 150 pixels and in either jpg, gif, or png format.

To activate the email and make it available to partners, select Yes for Would you like to make this message available for pulling from the managed library? If you have multiple programs on the top-level account, check the program(s) that should have access to the email.

Once the programs are chosen content can be further filtered to partners by selecting Yes under Would you like to limit access based on account profile fields: 

Select the appropriate profile fields that the tactic should be available for by placing a check next to their name. Click Save when finished.