Integrated campaigns helps you create and organize partner marketing strategy to reach their sales and marketing goals. You can specify tactics such as emails, direct mail and banner ads, revenue goals and different types of attributes such as product categories, business segment, industry vertical and geography.

Often when creating campaigns you will notice that some of your campaigns cover related topics. By grouping your campaigns together based on their similarities, you can easily let partners know which campaigns have topics in common. This functionality extends to language as well, allowing you to easily share and link different localized versions of the same campaign together.

To access a campaign select the Campaigns tab from the Program Manager. Previously created campaigns will be listed.


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Grouping Campaigns

Check the boxes for all campaigns that need to be grouped together and click the Group Related button.

If these campaigns should be added into a new grouping, select Add to new group and enter the name of the new group. You can also add the campaigns into a previously created group by clicking Add to existing group and then searching for the group. Click Group Related to confirm the grouping.

All groups for a campaign will display in the Groups column on the right.


Manage Group Settings

Click the name of the campaign to access the campaign, then select the Related Campaigns tab.

This page displays all related campaign groups that this campaign is in. To remove this campaign from a specific group, click the Remove This Campaign From Group button. You can also click the Remove All Campaigns From Group button to delete the entire grouping.

Click Save when done.


Related Campaigns by Language

If your campaign group is for campaigns that are based around the same topic but in different languages, then you can relate the campaigns specifically based on the language. To do so turn the Related by Language toggle to On.

Go to the Settings tab.

Update the Campaign Language to the correct language for this campaign. Click Save when done.


Merge Fields

Once the campaign groups have been created, you can use them to easily build links in the campaign overviews to the other related campaigns using merge fields. There are two standard merge fields that you can use to display related campaigns:


  • [RelatedCampaignThumbnails] - Displays the thumbnails of ALL campaigns related to this one across all groups.



  • [RelatedCampaignDropdown] - Displays a dropdown menu listing all campaigns related to this one across all groups.

The merge fields can also be modified to display campaigns only from a specific group:.

  • [RelatedCampaignThumbnails:GROUP NAME] - Displays the campaign thumbnails for the related campaigns in the group selected.
  • [RelatedCampaignDropdown:GROUP NAME] - Displays a dropdown menu listing all related campaigns in the group selected.

If the campaign group is set to relate by language, the [RelatedCampaignDropdown:GROUP NAME] merge field will instead display the language selection of the campaigns, allowing the partner to quickly switch between the localizations.