Frequently when creating and managing tactics you will notice that some of the tactics cover related topics. By grouping tactics together based on their similarities, you can easily let partners know which tactics are related. This functionality extends to language as well, allowing you to easily share and link different localized versions of the same tactic together. When the tactics are grouped together, the list of related tactics will display in the library below the tactic preview.

Access the Tactics tab from the Program Manager.


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Grouping Tactics

Check the boxes for all tactics that need to be grouped together and click the Group Related button.

If these tactics should be added into a new grouping, select Add to new group and enter the name of the new group. You can also add the campaigns into a previously created group by clicking Add to existing group and then searching for the group. Click Group Related to confirm the grouping.

All groups for a Tactic will display in the Groups column on the right.


Manage Group Settings

Click the name of the tactic to access it, then select the Related Tactics tab.

This page displays all related tactic groups for this tactic. To remove this tactic from a specific group, click the Remove This Tactic From Group button. You can also click the Remove All Tactics From Group button to delete the entire grouping.


Library View

Once the tactics have been flagged as grouped, they will now show this way in the library. In the partner experience, go to the Library and select a tactic that has been grouped.

Below the preview of the tactic you will see the list of all related tactics. Selecting a tactic thumbnail will update the preview to the newly selected tactic.