When you want your partners to navigate to a specific tactic, group of tactics, or campaign, the best way to do so is with share links. Giving your partners a share link, they will be able to login and then be taken immediately to the content you want them to see, without having to do any extra navigation. Share links can be used to link to tactics, campaigns, or even search criteria that you define. Share links are generated in the partner Marketing Center.


Generating Share Links

When working with share links, there are three main options: individual tactics, individual campaigns, and searches. Here is how you can generate a link for each:


  • Tactics - This type of share link will take the partner directly to the preview screen of the tactic you select.To share a specific tactic, first you will want to navigate to that tactic in the library. Once you have found the tactic, click on its thumbnail to load the tactic preview.

    Click Share.


  • Campaign - To generate a shared link for a campaign, navigate to the Campaigns tab and select the Campaign. Click the Share button at the top left.


  • Search - In either the Library or a Campaign, use the filters and search bar to set the criteria for the search. The share link will save the search criteria directly instead of the specific list of tactics your search generates, so you can keep the same share link in the future as you add and remove content. Once you have your search criteria set, click the Share button at the top right.

One the share link has generated click Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard.


Share Link Tracking

When using share links, you have are able to add tracking variables to the share links to increase your visibility into how your partners are using the share links. The tracking variables will add to the reporting in vendor view to help you keep track of how your partners are accessing and utilizing your share links. To set up share link tracking, first you need to get the share link using any of the steps above.

Once you have the share link, add any of the following tracking variables onto the end of the share link, begining with a ?


  • utm_source=[entervalue]
  • utm_medium=[entervalue]
  • utm_campaign=[entervalue]
  • utm_term=[entervalue]
  • utm_content=[entervalue]

Replace the [entervalue] above with whatever text you want to use to track those share links, up to 40 characters. For example, if want to track partners accessing the share link from an internal partner portal, you can use utm_source=partnerportal

You are able to use any combination of the above tracking variables in any order. The only requirement is that the first tracking variable must begin with a ? and then all others connected with &.