Accounts subscribed to programs can access and use ready to execute marketing content from the library. When tactics are added to the library, partners can browse through the available tactics and choose what they would like to execute. Tactics created in the program are automatically disabled from being used and must manually be activated them to display in the library. These tactics can also be shared to multiple programs that you manage.

From Program Manager, select Tactics and then the tab for the specific tactic type. From here, select the tactic Name and then go to the Settings.


Adding Tactics to the Library

Located at the bottom of this page there is a section titled Would you like to make this message available for pulling form the managed library? To make the tactic available select the Yes option.

To share the tactic to other programs simply place a check in the box next to each program where it needs to be available.

Once the programs are chosen content can be further filtered to partners by selecting Yes under Would you like to limit access based on account profile fields: 

Select the appropriate profile fields that the tactic should be available for by placing a check next to their name. Note that for the tactic to appear in the partner's library they must match at least one of the criteria checked off for each profile field.

When finished click Save at the bottom of the page.