Placing contacts into groups lets you segment your data. Groups can be based on different types of search criteria. After a group is created you can use it to quickly access contacts, add contacts to mailing lists, update portals and much more.

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Getting There

From the Customer Center or Marketing Center click Groups.  Previously created groups will be listed.


Click Add New.  

In the fields provided give the group a name and description. If you need to share the group with other users in your organization select the option.

When finished click Save. This creates the group and loads the group summary page.

Add Members

The group summary page allows you to edit basic information about the group as well as add or remove group members. If your not on the group summary page you can access it by selecting the the group name.

There are a few ways to add contacts to a group.


  • Manual Search: Select the "Quick select contacts" button and simply enter the contacts first name, last name or company name into the search field and add them to the group

  • Save Search: If you have saved a previous advanced search select the saved search from the "Saved Searches" dropdown box. After the search is run you can choose which contacts to add or add all contacts from the search.

  • Advanced Search: Build specific search criteria to add contacts to the group. It can consist of contact information or profile information. After the search is run you can choose which contacts to add or add all contacts from the search.

Remove Members

To remove contacts from the group simply place a check in the box next to their name and click Delete.

You can also delete a contact by searching for them using the Search within Group feature. After entering your search criteria, click the Remove from Group button next to that contact.


Automatic Searches

You can also set up automatic searches to either add contacts to your group or remove them from the group. Searches that add contacts to the group are called Positive Searches, while searches that remove contacts from your group are called Negative Searches. For example, you can have contacts that fill out a "Contact Us" for automatically be added to a "Prospects" group. This would be a positive search. The search runs nightly to update the group membership based on the searches you have set. To set up an automatic search, select the Searches tab.

If you have already created a search with the criteria that you want to use, select it from the Saved Searches dropdown. Otherwise, select New Search. From here, build your search using the Advanced Search.

Once your search has been created it will automatically be set as a Positive Search and add contacts to the group. To convert the search to a Negative Search, click Convert to negative search button on the right.

The search is now a negative search and will remove contacts from the group. When a search is negative, you can click Convert to positive search to switch it to a positive search.