Lead Stages, or Task Stages, allow you to manage the progression of your leads. Lead stages provide you with a simple way to quickly track the status of each lead while allowing you to store more in-depth information in notes. To manage your lead stages, login to Lead Management and select the Settings tab.


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Task Types

Lead Stages are broken up into Task Types. The available stage options you want available will differ based on the process you are following. The default task type, Lead, is based around a typical lead nurturing process but you can create additional task types for tasks that follow a different process. For example, you can create an Onboarding task type with stages unique to that process. Only the stages created for a task type are available for leads of that type. Click New Task Type.

Enter the name of your new task type and click Save.


Task Stages

To create task stages, click the New Task Stage button next to appropriate task type.

Enter the details for your new task stage:


  • Stage Name: The name of your new task stage.
  • Stage Description: Extra information to describe the purpose of this stage. Displays for users as hover text.
  • Stage Group: Determines the grouping that this stage is in. Each lead stage fits into one of these categories: New, In Process, Success, Failure. Success stages can be used to automatically convert leads to Opportunities. Click Here to learn more about opportunities.
  • Stage Type: The task type this stage is part of.

When finished, click Save. Repeat this process to create all stages for the task type.


Task Sub-stages

For further flexibility you can also create lead sub-stages. The sub-stages are hidden until users select the appropriate stage, at which point the sub-stages would be available. This can help reduce clutter for the list of stages, while still providing the additional options for tracking.

To create a task sub-stage, first the task stage must be completed using the process above. After the initial task stage is created, click New Task Stage.

Enter the name of the original task stage. After the original task stage, insert a double pipe (||) and then the sub-stage name. Complete the rest of the information as normal and Save. Repeat this process for all sub-stages.

Now when managing leads the substage options are available: