The Program Manager is an easy to use marketing execution tool designed to help you create and manage marketing programs. It houses a repository of ready to execute marketing campaigns such as emails, direct mail, banner ads, pay per click and events. After these campaigns are uploaded to the library they can quickly be imported into a partner’s account with the click of a button. These marketing tools should help you increase partner’s revenue by speeding up marketing program development, increasing utilization rates, and improving overall program performance.


Program Manager

All account setup activity is done within the Program Manager. It is the central hub of the platform. Inside the Program Manager you can create new accounts, manage existing accounts, apply projects to specific campaigns that are in the process of being created and view detailed reports based on individual campaigns sent or for an entire program.


Managing Accounts

When you first login to manage your programs you will see the account tab by default which lets you see all the accounts you are currently managing. If you are managing partners in multiple programs, you can quickly switch the program you are viewing by using the “Current Program” dropdown box located at the top of the screen. Selecting a partner brings you to their summary screen. On this screen you can view the partner’s contact information, enter notes, fill out forms, create tasks, create and manage projects, view history and notes and email the partner their login information.


Marketing Execution

Executing a marketing campaign can be completed in a few steps. First you must setup the accounts assets, call tracking and form distribution, if applicable. These can be accessed by selecting the account from the account list and choosing the corresponding tab on the account summary screen. These are critical to the process because they will directly affect the marketing campaigns sent. For example, if assets are not properly uploaded into the partner’s account they will not be visible on the email campaign you import into their account.

If the campaign you are sending out requires a mailing list (email or direct mail) you need to upload the partner’s mailing list. The mailing list is the group of contacts that are the recipient of the campaign being sent. You cannot send the campaign without applying a mailing list. The mailing list is imported via a CSV file (comma delimited) and placed into a group. This allows you to quickly apply the mailing list to the campaign. To import a mailing list simply select the “Mailing List” tab on the account summary screen. After these steps are completed, you can begin the process of importing the ready-made campaign and sending it to their mailing list. To begin this process, simply login the account.

Reporting and Analytics

The most important aspect of the platform is that it works. Accounts that participate in the program should be able to see that their revenue has increased over time because of the activities executed and completed in their campaigns. This can be done through the in depth reporting and analytics that you can utilize within the platform. Metrics are the results from an activity. This can be things like the number of emails sent or the number of calls made. Metrics help to define if an individual campaign or entire program is working. You measure the success by the return on your investment. This all comes down to the numbers. If you invest more than you get back then it is not working and needs to be redefined and tweaked. You can view individual campaign reports by logging into the partners account you.