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Getting There 

If you're an administrator and your user account has the proper permission settings, you can manage which accounts and programs users can access. Select the Users tab at the top of the page. This loads users that can access the program. 


Adding Users

To add additional users to the program click Select Users. This loads a list of users that can be added. 

Place a check in the box next to each user that needs program access and click Add Users.

This returns you to the user list and adds those users to the program. After the user is added to the program you must assign the appropriate accounts to them. Click the user's name.

This loads the account list. If the user needs access to all accounts select This user can manage all of the accounts in this program. Otherwise, select This user can only manage selected accounts in this program and check the boxes next to the accounts that are assigned to the user. If you want to make the user the primary account manager for the account, check the box. When finished, click Save.

After the accounts have been assigned to the user, the changes need to be copied to the account. Click Copy to Accounts to complete the process.

Managing Existing Users 

To remove a user click the trash can next to their name.

To review and edit which accounts a user has access to click the user's name.