StructuredWeb does not have a page limit. Feel free to create as many pages as you need for your website or marketing activities.


Add Pages

To create and add pages, access your Site Map. This is the first page displayed when accessing the Site Center.

Select the New Page button at the top of the screen. Determine where you would like to place this page on your site map. You have the option to place it below an existing page or on the top level. Select the location by clicking the hyperlink.

In the field provided, give the page a name then choose the type of page you want to create.  

You have four options:


  • Catalog: Links directly to an existing catalog page.
  • Form: Creates a form.
  • Link: Adds a page that links to an external website.
  • Page: Creates a new custom page from scratch.

After you have selected the type of page you want to create, click Save & Continue. This creates the page. If you selected page, it loads the content editor. Use the content editor to its fullest capabilities and build the page. For additional assistance on using the content editor, please view the Content Editor article.

You can modify the page description, keywords, meta tags and URL by selecting the Page Header tab at the top of the page.

When you're finished making changes to your page content or page header click Save.



Delete Page

StructuredWeb allows you to permanently delete pages from your website. Once a page is deleted, it cannot be restored. If you feel you might use this page in the future it's best to leave it on your site map. To delete a page, simply place a check in the box next to the page name and select Delete.