As soon as you access the Site Center you are brought to the site map. The site map provides you with a tree structure view of your entire site including pages and forms.    

If your site map is on the smaller side, you can simply locate the page on the site map. You can use the search box located at the top to find specific pages.

If your site is large, your site map can become congested with lots of pages. Select the Pages or Forms tab to separate the pages from forms. This makes the page less congested and simpler to read. Pages and forms are listed alphabetically.

Once you locate the page you want to make changes to, click the page name. This loads the content editor with the page content inside it.  

The Editor is one of the key tools you will want to understand when using your StructuredWeb account. It works a lot like Microsoft Word. Creating your own dynamic content on your website becomes a very simple process of using the editor instead of spending time learning code. You will be able to create hyperlinks and tables, as well as insert images and text, without the slightest knowledge of HTML.  

Utilize the content editor and make the necessary changes to the page. When finished click Save. This saves your changes and instantly publishes it to your site. If you need additional assistance on using the content editor, please view the content editor article.