Distribution allows you to assign form results to users. When forms are filled out by users, you can have the system automatically send emails or create tasks for specific users. There are two main ways that email distribution can be distributed: single user or based on profiles.


Assign all form submissions and new contacts to a single user

This option is the default selection. To make changes click Edit.

Use the dropdown under Assign this form submission and new contacts to: to choose the user to receive form submissions. The following Yes/No option allows you to determine if the user should receive an email when the form is completed.

If you want additional people to receive copies of the email notification, enter their email addresses in the Send a copy of the email notification to: field. If you enter multiple email addresses, separate them with a semicolon (;) and not a comma (,).

Under Current Email: you can customize the email that the user receives upon form submission. To make the change, click Select a different email or create a new email and Insert the desired email.

For Would you like to create a task when this form is submitted? select Yes to do so. You can use the Subject, Instructions, etc. fields to customize the task the user will receive.

If you want the contact to be added to a shared group, select the group from the dropdown; otherwise, select No group.

Click Save when done.


Assign all form submissions and new contacts to users based on how they filled out the form

This option allows you to assign form submissions to users based on the selection the contact makes for a specific form. This is done by creating a rule. The rule can only be based on multiple-choice questions and not entry fields. To use this option, click Select a rule.

Click Add new rule.

Create a name for the distribution rule and select the field you want to use for the distribution rule. Click Save.

For each subfield, use the dropdown in the Assign To column to determine who receives the submission. The Email column allows you to determine if an email is sent and if it is copied to anyone. The task column allows you to determine if a task is created for the submission. Each submission is completely customizable.

When finished click Save.