The Site Map provides you with a tree structure view of your entire site including pages and forms. You can quickly add, delete and sort pages. If a page is no longer in use, you can hide it with the visibility toggle.


What will I find in this article?

Add Pages

Select the New Page button at the top of the screen.

Determine where you would like to place this page on your site map. You have the option to place it below an existing page or on the top level. Select the location by clicking the hyperlink.

In the field provided, give the page a name then choose the type of page you want to create.  

Click Save & Continue. If you selected the Page option use the content editor to its fullest capabilities and build the page. For additional assistance on using the content editor, please view the Content Editor article.

For a more in-depth explanation of the page creation process, view the Add/Remove Pages article.


Sorting Pages

Use the Sort button to organize the pages and forms on your website.

Select where you want to sort. If you want to sort the main menu, select Top Level. If you want to sort subpages, select the main page. You are not able to select pages that do not have subpages.

Click and drag the pages to organize them.

Click Save when done. 

Move Pages

You can move pages from one location to another. This allows you to quickly organize pages and sub pages. You can make a subpage a top-level page or a top-level page a subpage. Click the Move a Page button.

Select the page that you want to move.

Select where you want to move the page.


Choose which pages are visible on your site map and which are not.

Pages that are visible will have a check under the visible column on the right.

By default, pages that are not visible will be hidden on the Site Map. To show those pages, click Show all. Hidden pages will be gray and show an X under the Visible column.

Clicking on the check mark or X will toggle visibility for the page.