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Add New Domain

You can add as many domains for your website as you need within StructuredWeb. Domains can be managed within the Site Center under the Domains tab. This lists all domains currently in the system.

Click New Domain, enter your domain address, and click Save. This adds your domain into StructuredWeb.

Choose Theme

You may have multiple websites and themes with StructuredWeb.  You can point any domain to a specific landing pages or design. To set the theme select the Change design button.  

This loads a list of current designs on your account.  Simply choose the design name. When finished, select the Save button.

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Start Page

You can specify which page the domain should point too. Normally this is your home page, but you can set it to point to any page on your site. Choose the Select a page button.

Choose the Insert link button next to the page you want the domain to start at. When finished, select the Save button.

Point Domain to StructuredWeb

After you have added the domain to our system contact whoever is managing your domain, normally the registrar, and ask them to do the following:


  • CNAME *.yourdomain.com points to site.structuredweb.com

If you need the Top Level Domain (TLD) to also point to StructuredWeb, you cannot use a CNAME record on the TLD because of DNS standards limitation. In that case you need to ask your registrar who hosts your website address to create a URL forwarding to your TLD so it redirects to any valid sub-domain which uses the CNAME.



*.yourdomain.com.          CNAME    site.structuredweb.com

yourdomain.com ==> URL forwarded to => www.yourdomain.com

(NOTE: there is no specific syntax for URL forwarding, as its setup by each registrar and its not a part of DNS standards)

After the CNAME has been updated, please allow up to 24 hours for your website to appear at your domain.

Please call Customer Service at 888.584.6480 if you have any questions.