StructuredWeb does not directly support streaming video. However, you can quickly create a channel on YouTube and manage your videos there. Below is a set of instructions of how you can embed the video onto your StructuredWeb website.


Access Embed Code

After the video has been uploaded, access the video page on YouTube. Click the Share option below the video details.

Select Embed.

Determine the settings you want for the video. Most importantly, make sure you choose a video size that correctly fits on your webpage. Once the settings match your preferences, copy the video code.


Place Code on Your Website

Using the SiteCenter, go to the webpage that you want to place the video. Access the HTML by selecting the Source button in the content editor.

Paste the video embed code within the website's code where you want the video to be on the page, then click Save.

When the page refreshes, you will see a large white box that says "IFRAME" in the middle. This is where your video will appear on the page. You can cut and paste the video into a new location if needed. The video is now embedded. Go to the webpage to ensure that the video displays correctly.