Once you have created your price lists, you may wish to edit them. To access the editing options for all types of price lists click the name of the list. Each type of price list has a slightly different method of editing. You can access price lists in Product Center by selecting Price Lists. From here, select your price list.


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Manual Price List

To edit basic information about the price list click edit at the top of the page.

To view or edit products on the price list click View all. From here you can make the desired changes. Click Update or Done when finished.

To add new products to the price list use the search or browse options to find the products you wish to edit. Click Update or Done when finished.


Calculated Price List – All Products

Edit basic information and price information from the Price List Update screen.

Click Save & Continue when done.


Calculated Price List – Select Categories

Click Edit Price List to edit basic information about the price list.

To adjust the price formula for selected categories, enter the formula changes in the appropriate box.

If you wish to add more categories click Add More Categories. Then you can add categories using the same process as when creating a new price list.