Shipping allows you to set up the shipping charges for products that you sell. You can create universal shipping rules or rules that apply only to specific products. To access Shipping go to Product Center and click Shipping on the menu on the left.


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Selecting a Shipping Option

To turn on shipping options on your website you must check Activate Shipping option at Checkout? You also need to check Automatic shipping cost calculation. Once the two options are checked and you have chosen your shipping calculation method, click Save Settings. There are two calculation methods for shipping: managed and custom.

Managed Shipping

Managed shipping is handled by UPS. Shipping costs are based on the product weight and origin zip code. Managed shipping will not calculate the weight if it is over 150 pounds. To set up managed shipping:

Click Edit Managed Services.

Enter the origin zip code for shipping and select the zip code to use to calculate shipping. You can use either the customer's zip code or or an average zip code to calculate shipping costs. If you use an average zip code, enter the zip code in the available box.

Manage the UPS shipping options you want to use. For each of the shipping options you want on your site:


  • Edit the display name, if desired.
  • If desired, add Fuel/other Surcharge, Residential Surcharge, and/or Handling Charge. Customers will only see the total shipping without a breakdown of the charges.
  • Check the box in the Available in Site Center column to make the option available on your website.
  • Check the box in the Available in Customer Center column to make the shipping option available in customer portals.

When finished click Save Settings.

Custom Shipping

Custom shipping allows you to use shipping companies other than UPS. To set up a new shipping company:

Click Edit Custom Services.

Click Add New Shipping Company.

Create a name for the shipping company. Click Save.

Enter the Shipping Service Name. This is the specific shipping option the customer can use (e.g. Standard, Next Day, etc.).

If you want to create a minimum shipping charge, do so in the Enter minimum shipping charge area.

If you want this service available for all products, leave ALL products selected. If you only want some products to use this shipping option. If you choose Select individual products when you save you will be given the option to add categories and individual products to the shipping service.

Under shipping rules, you can create tiers of shipping charges based on price.


  • Enter a price under Shipping Charge ($) to set the price to a defined amount.

  • Enter a percentage under Shipping Charge (%) to have the shipping charge be a percentage of the product price.

When finished click Save.

On the Shipping Company page, check the boxes for Available in Site Center and Available in Customer Center to make those options available on the website and customer portal, respectively.

Click Save to the changes to your shipping company.