To provide you with a complete end to end service we manage product catalogs for leading vendors and brands. These catalogs are managed by us to make sure that at any given time you will have the most up to date product information for the vendors you represent without the hassle and the cost of doing it yourself.


Ordering a Managed Catalog

Select Managed Catalogs.

License Allocation lets you know if you have any available licenses. If you need additional licenses, contact our sales department at 888-806-4004. If you have available licenses, find the catalog you wish to add and check the box on the left. If the catalog shows a $ instead of a box, you already have this catalog on your account.

Once you have selected any catalog(s) you wish to add, click Select Managed Catalogs.


Adding a Managed Catalog to your Product Center

Select Catalog Pages.

Select Add New.

Select Add to this page to the right of the Product Catalog folder.

Check the box(es) for the catalog(s) that you wish to add. Once you have checked all managed catalogs that you want to add, click Update. This will return you to the Catalog Page Index.

The catalog(s) that you have added are now available and visible at the bottom of the list.