You can integrate StructuredWeb managed catalogs into your existing site even if the website is not hosted by StructuredWeb. Simply paste the following code between the <body> tags of the page you want the catalogs to appear on:

<iframe src="http://www.structuredwebdomain.com" width="800px" height="800px"></iframe>

Replace structuredwebdomain with the domain we have provided you. If you want to frame a specific category or product replace structuredwebdomain with the exact location of the category or product. You can adjust the width and height dimensions within the IFRAME code to properly align the catalog in your website.


Finding the URL to Link

If you want to link to specific categories or products you can use the link tool within the StructuredWeb editor to generate the URL's. Navigate to any page within the Site Center. In the content editor highlight text and choose the Website Links button.

This loads a list of pages on your site. Select the Product Catalog option on the left.

Select the catalog and then the category you want to link to. Choose the Insert link button this inserts the link into the content editor.

Right-click on the hyperlink that has been created and select Edit Link. Copy the information in the URL field and insert that into the above code, replacing structuredwebdomain.