The Project Management System lets you create and manage project lists. Each project type has specific milestones and actions that need to be completed in order to proceed to the next step. Within the Projects section you can manage projects and check reporting as well. 

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Getting There

To access the projects, select Projects in the upper right hand drop down menu. The dashboard is the home page of the Projects section, it provides a brief overview of current tasks, projects and their status. Click List on the left-hand menu to view current projects and milestones.

Use the available search options at the top to narrow down your search criteria. Available criteria include the user the project is assigned to, the status of the project, and the creation date of the project. Once you have selected your search criteria, click the Search button.

Select the project from the list to begin working on it. 


Managing Projects

The History & Notes tab is the first thing you will see upon accessing a project. It will have all of the previous activity for the project listed below. To manage the next steps of the project, choose the Milestones tab.

Milestones provide you with detailed tasks that need to be completed to finish the project, who the task currently is assigned to, the start and end dates, the duration and the user’s action that needs to be completed. You can also utilize the action buttons at the top of the screen to add different types of notes for this specific project. Some project types have more tasks that need to be completed then others such as sending an email or filling out a form. 

The first step in every project is to identify the project team. Click the Select people button located on the right hand side of the page.

Choose Select a contact and search for the contact that needs to be added. If the contact does not exist, choose New Contact and create the contact. 

Choose the Select roles button next to the contact and place a check in the box next to the relevant role. Next, choose the Select roles button next to the user and place a check in the box next to their role.

Select the Milestones tab again to be brought back to the project task list. The first task Identify project team has been completed.

Each project type has different tasks and stages. It is important to follow and complete the tasks in order. You can mark a task completed by selecting the Mark as complete button in the Action column. Certain tasks might have prerequisites in order to continue and other tasks might require you to send an email or fill out a form.

  • Send email: If the task requires you to send an email, select the Edit and send email located under the “Actions” column. The email may have predefined content. Update the subject and content of the email as necessary. When finished, select the Send Email button. Some emails have predefined content.

  • Fill out Form: If the task requires you to fill out a form, select the Fill out form button located under the Actions column. Complete the form and select the Submit button located at the bottom of the page. You can review forms that have been already filled out by selecting View the form.


Completing Projects

The final step in any project is to mark the project as completed. This is important for reporting purposes to show that the project is finished and to remove it from your list of active projects. The project will be marked complete as soon as the final action listed is done whether it is an email that needs to be sent, a form to be filled out or simply marking it complete.