Permission groups allow the administrator to ensure that each user only accesses what they need to access. The administrator can access permission settings in the AccountCenter by accessing the User Center on the left-hand menu. In the middle of the screen, under Groups, you can see the available permission groups. Match the colored squares next to the group names with the colored squares to the right of each user to identify the user’s permissions. To make changes to the default permission groups, see the article on Editing Permission Groups.


Permission Groups

To simplify the user permission process, StructuredWeb has setup six default permission groups to quickly set up user permissions.

Site Administrator

The top level permission group, the site administrator has access to all aspects of StructuredWeb purchased by the company.

Email Only Access

Email Only Access, as its name implies, allows the user access to their email account and nothing else.

Site Content Manager

The Site Content Manager is able to access the SiteCenter, CustomerCenter Setup, ProductCenter Setup, and ServiceCenter Setup. The primary purpose of this permission group is creating and maintaining the business’s website.

Sales Rep

The Sales Rep has access to the CustomerCenter and the MarketingCenter. This Permission group allows the user to manage their contacts and accounts and create marketing materials, such as emails, without having to worry about back-end setup issues.

Customer Service Rep

The Customer Service Rep has access to the ServiceCenter. This user will be able to access and manage service calls and does not need access to the CRM or website management.

Sales Manager

The Sales Manager has access to the CustomerCenter, MarketingCenter, and CustomerCenter Setup. This permission group is very similar to the Sales Rep position except that the Sales Manager has more freedom to customize the system using the CustomerCenter Setup.