Permissions allow the administrator to ensure that each user only accesses what they need to access. StructuredWeb utilizes permission groups to enable admins to easily set and update user permissions based on their role.


Getting There

Select Account Center using the drop down menu at the top right, then select User Center from the menu on the left.


Updating Permissions for a User

In the middle of the screen under Groups you can see the available permission groups. Match the colored squares next to the group names with the colored squares to the right of each user to identify the user’s permissions. Select the contact by clicking their Name.

In the Select user's group section, check the boxes for the user permissions that this user should have. Here are some of the commonly used default options, but your account may have additional options:

  • Sales Rep: Access to the CustomerCenter and the MarketingCenter. This Permission group allows the user to manage their contacts and accounts and create marketing materials, such as emails, without having to worry about back-end setup issues.
  • Sales Manager: Access to the Customer Center, Marketing Center, and Customer Center Setup. This permission group is very similar to the Sales Rep position except that the Sales Manager has more freedom to customize the system using the Customer Center Setup.
  • Site Content Manager: Access the Site Center, Customer Center Setup, and Product Center. The primary purpose of this permission group is creating and maintaining the business’s website and/or microsite(s).

Click Update when done.


Editing Permission Group Settings

Click Group Setup in the menu.

Click the Name of the group that you wish to edit. To create a new permission group, click Add New.

Change the group name if desired.

Adjust the group access rights to the areas of StructuredWeb by checking the areas the users should have access.

Change group permissions if desired by checking the appropriate options. This includes viewing and editing contacts, updating program tactics, exporting reports, and more.

Edit the group color if desired.

Click Update.