The importance of profiling your customer database cannot be overlooked. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this term, profiling is the act of associating customers with data that goes beyond their contact information. For example, some recommended profiles would be SIC codes, annual revenue, and number of employees. Efficiently managing this data will allow you to quickly and effectively segment your database. Segmentation allows both your marketing and sales departments to immediately increase their opportunity generation capabilities.

From a sales standpoint segmentation allows you to see the makeup of your customer database giving you a good indicator as to where your business has been successful. It will also aid your sales reps because they will be better educated on your prospects when they make their sales calls as this information is available when they access a customers contact information.

From a marketing standpoint your organization will be able to use profiles to confidently target specific segments that have been successful and seed new segments with marketing campaigns that will generate better results. This translates into more qualified leads for your reps to follow up on.

Getting There

From the Customer Center select Settings then click Profiles.



Previously created profiles will be listed.  To access and modify an existing profile select the profile name. To create a new profile click New Profile.

Choose the type of profile field:


  • Single selection– Dropdown selection to pick one choice.
  • Single selection – Radio buttons to select one choice.
  • Multiple selection – List Box to select multiple choices.
  • Multiple selection – Checkbox to select multiple choices.
  • Date – Date field in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Text – String field.
  • Number – Number field. Symbols or letters are not permitted.

In the fields provided enter a profile name, example text and a public display name. The public display name is how the profile is displayed on a form.

Determine permissions for the profile:


  • Required or optional for new contact and account creation or optional and only for use in profile tab.
  • Used for only accounts, only contacts, only contacts linked to accounts, or both contacts and accounts.
  • Choose which users can view and edit the profile.

If you are a vendor that wishes to use profiles to manage partner access to tactics click Yes to the question Do you want to use this profile field to control access to assets in the marketing library?

If you have selected single selection or multiple selection enter the options available for the profile. Entering text into the provided fields automatically creates a new row. If you need to delete an option place a check in the box and click Delete.  Choose the Sort button to sort the order of the profile options.

When finished click Save.