The document library allows you to upload files for use in your system. Once you have uploaded a file you can use it throughout StructuredWeb, whether it is on your website, attached to a customer’s or linked to an email campaign. You can access the document library in the Customer Center by clicking the Documents tab.


Uploading a Document

Select the folder name you want to upload the document into. Once you're within the correct folder select the Upload Document button. 

If the document name of the file you are uploading already exists choose how you want StructuredWeb to handle the operation. You have three options:


  • Automatically rename the file that you’re uploading.
  • Don’t upload the file.
  • Overwrite the existing file.

Choose the radio button next to the option you want to use.

Select the "Browse" button  to locate the file on your computer.You can upload more then one file at a time if necessary by using the Ctrl or Shift keys..


Select the Upload button and this begins the upload process. Depending on how many files your upload and the file size this process can take a few seconds to a few minutes.
Creating Folders
You can store and organize existing documents or new documents in folders. These folders work similar to the folders located on your computer. To create a new folder select the New Folder button.

Give the folder a name and select the Save button.

You can rename existing folders by selecting the Edit button to the next to the folder name.
Moving Documents
You can reorganize your document library by using our cut and paste feature. This allows you to move documents from one folder to another without having to delete and upload it again. Locate the document you want to move and place a check in the box next to its name. Click the Cut button at the top right.

Navigate to the the folder you want to move the document(s) into and choose the paste button.