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Getting There

From the Contacts tab within the Customer Center, choose Tools.  A list of options is displayed.  Click Import Customers.

File Import

You will be presented with the option to choose your file to import. The import is simple and allows you to import primary contact information such as first name, last name, and email address. To import profiles, you will need to click on Advanced Options. 

Check Create new profile(s) based on import field names and Associate records with profile(s) based on import data.

Select Browse, locate the spreadsheet on your computer and choose Open.

Agree to the Privacy Agreement

Click Upload.

The delimiter and qualifier will automatically be selected for you, choose Continue.

The left hand column displays the contact fields within StructuredWeb. The right hand column displays the fields to be imported via the CSV file. The import wizard will attempt to match each field automatically; you must double check and make sure all the fields are matched properly. Match fields by selecting the drop down arrow and choose the appropriate matching field title. After all the fields have been matched click Continue located at the bottom of the page.

Confirm the field relationship and click Continue.

You will be directed to Create a group or Add an existing group during the import process. Click the bubble next to the option that best fits your need. 


Click Continue



If you are importing contacts with profiles, you will be directed to match the profiles that are already created in your account to what data is being imported. 

Once all is confirmed, click Run Import.