Searching in Leads management is important for organizing your leads. Access the search in Leads Management on the Leads tab. You have multiple options you can use to search for leads:


  • Stage: Search for leads by the selected stage.


  • Source: Search by the source of the lead.


  • Created: Search for leads by date of creation.


  • Follow Up: Search for leads by assigned follow-up date.


  • Assigned to: Search for leads by the user that they are assigned to.


  • Subject: Search for a lead by the subject title of the lead.
  • Contacts: Search for leads based on a specific set of contacts. If you want to search for all contacts, select "All Contacts." To search for only specific contacts, choose "select contacts" and click "New Search."

For help creating your search criteria, view the article on Creating an Advanced Search.

Once the search criteria are set, click the "Search" button.