The first page always displayed when logging into your account is the homepage. The homepage is the central hub of the Demand Center. Vendors update it frequently and it includes useful information on getting the most out of the Demand Center. The layout of the homepage varies based on the vendor but the main concept is the same.

The homepage provides an overview of the program and includes areas for “Getting Started” and “Start Marketing.” The homepage may include additional items such as newly uploaded assets, promoted campaigns and additional resources such as playbooks and support materials.

Getting Started

Before you can begin using the assets available in the Demand Center, the platform needs some basic information about your organization. This includes but is not limited to your company logo and business address. If you plan on executing tactics from the Demand Center the platform will also need your targeted mailing lists. The first area to visit on the homepage is the Getting Started portion. This is normally located towards the top and includes links to “Setup your Account” and “Upload Mailing Lists.”

Prior to visiting these areas, it is suggested that you set up update your company information. Information such as a company info and a logo should be uploaded.  

Once your company information is added, you have the ability to add a mailing list.  

Start Marketing

Once you have finished setting up your account and uploading your mailing list, you are ready to begin Marketing. The Start Marketing section of the homepage is where you can quickly access the tactic library or campaigns that are available for you. Promoted and new campaigns may be listed here as well, depending on your vendor.


  • For additional information on how you can start marketing, click here.

* Vendor home pages may look different.  Illustrations above is an example.