Exporting data out of StructuredWeb is permission based. Your account may or may not be able to export data. If you do not have the ability to export please contact your system administrator. You can export your entire database or your last search. StructuredWeb will export the data into a CSV file.

To begin, run an advanced search. This is done in the CustomerCenter under the Contacts tab. For further instructions on running advanced search review the Advanced Searching article. After you have your search results select "Tools" tab and choose the "Export" customers link.

Select the "Tools" tab.

Two options will display. If you want to export all your contacts select the "Export all your customers" option. This will only export your contacts and not all contacts in the CRM. If you want to export your last search choose "Export customers selected in last Advanced Search." If you need group or profile information to be included in your export select the respective options. When ready, click "Continue."

This begins the export. Depending on how many contacts are being exported this can take a few seconds to a few minutes. When the export is finished, your browser will prompt you to open or save the file.