Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to maximize your results in search engines. In the Site Center, you are able to edit the SEO information for each page individually.

 Select the "Page Header" tab at the top of the page.

  • Menu name: Name of the page in internal menus.
  • Page Title: Title that displays in the tab or browser window. Most search engines display this information with your link. Maximum character limit is 255.
  • Description: Information that displays with your link in search engines. Limit the description to 255 characters or it may be truncated in search results as well as penalized by search engines.
  • Keywords: Provide keywords used by search engines. Reiterate words important to the content of the page to promote SEO. Use lower case characters and avoid repetition. Maximum character limit is 1000.
  • Meta Tags: Input meta tags for the page. Meta tags will display exactly as entered. It is your responsibility to provide the correct syntax, including opening and closing tags. Maximum character limit is 1000.
  • Page URL: Specify the page URL.

When done editing meta information, click "Save."