If you haven’t already planned and determined which partners will access the PDC  it’s time to start thinking about that now before you get further into the process.  You might want to include all your partners or just a subset of partners.  Fortunately, when it comes to getting your partners into the platform we have multiple methods that will fit your needs regardless of how many need to be added.


  • Bulk Import: Provide us an excel or .csv file of the partners that will have access to the system.  Similar to how a main point of contact is needed for your account, we will need specific partner information as well.  You can follow this excel template that instructs you on the type of information that you should be collecting from your partners.
  • Manual Creation: You have the ability within the platform to manually create partner accounts.  This is a great tool if you want to slowly ramp up your channel marketing program.
  • Single Sign On (SSO): SSO is a process that automatically creates an account for the partner when they attempt to access it from your own partner portal or designated link.  This is the most intuitive way to get your partners onboarded into the system quickly.  As partners are already familiar with your existing portal, this becomes a natural way for them to access the PDC.  In addition to having a smooth login process, SSO also allows us to automatically pass partner profile data such as region or certification level which automatically gets added to the partner's profile in StructuredWeb.