Before you begin building a marketing strategy or executing tactics for partners it’s important to know how to onboard your assigned partners to programs. The onboarding process includes creating the partner’s unique account, setting up the account by uploading company information such as their company logo and importing mailing lists.

Setting up your partner's account initially helps mitigate some of the workload the partner will need to do. This allows your partner to jump right into the platform and begin marketing. If you happen to be executing tactics for your partner this is just one less step you will need to do when accessing their account.

When you first login to manage your programs you will see the account tab by default which lets you see all the partner accounts you are currently managing. You can do a quick search to find the account you need to do work on by using the Account Search feature.  You can also view test accounts by checking the Show Test Accounts box. Using test accounts is a great why to learn how to use the platform and check content.  If the partner is not listed in the Program Manager you need to create a new account.


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1.  Create Accounts

Select the New Account button located at the top of the page. This loads the new account page.

Enter the accounts contact information including a Username, Password, and Website Address. By default the username auto populates as the partner's email address and the website address auto populates as the company's name (if available).  All accounts need a unique website address, even if it’s just for their landing pages. Try to keep the website address as short as possible to prevent typos and confusion.

When finished select the Save button at the bottom of the screen. This creates the account and adds it to the program.

2.  Account Setup

Market assets are used to customize tactics with a partner's specific information like their logo, address, phone number and website. If the marketing assets are not uploaded it can lead to campaigns displaying improperly and leads being lost.  Assets can be uploaded during the account creation process or afterwards. Select the partner account from the Accounts tab in the Program Manager.


Select the Assets tab located beneath the partner's information. This loads all available marketing assets.


Enter the appropriate information in the fields provided. If the field requires an image choose the browse button and locate the image on your computer. Images should be in PNG, JPG or GIF formats only. When finished click Save.


3.  Import Lists

From the Accounts tab select the account for which you would like to add the mailing list. Select the Mailing List tab beneath the account's information.  All previously uploaded mailing lists will be listed. To create a new list, select New Mailing List. This loads the mailing list screen.

Once the assets have been uploaded, click the Push Content button. This will populate the partner's Library with marketing content. 

Provide the mailing list a name by entering it into the field provided and choose the Import from CSV option. When finished select the Save button.

This loads the import wizard. For additional information on importing please review the Basic Importing article.


4.  Login Credentials

If a partner has forgotten their password or needs to be sent their login credentials, you can send them an automated email that includes their Site ID, web address and username, as well as a link that allows them to reset their password.  From the account summary page, click the Email Login Info button.

Check the box for the partner(s) and then click the Send Email button.