StructuredWeb provides you and your channel partners with two different template options for editing and creating assets.  These options function differently and comes standard with your StructuredWeb account. We will discuss each option below.


Traditional Content Editor

The content editor provides full access to customize the content of the email or page. The editor is a standard editor that works like many other editors your partners have used. The menu along the top of the editor lists the different functionalities available within the editor, like uploading images, creating links, and formatting the text. By placing the mouse over each icon in the toolbar of the editor it will tell you specifically what that option does.


  • Familiar, common editor functionality
  • Quick and easy to setup.  
  • Easy for advanced users to update the HTML
  • Partners have full access to edit the content


  • Limited Quality Control
  • Difficult to edit images
  • Partners can accidentally break their email while editing

Point & Click Editor

With a few clicks, you can add or change images or text, and translate the content within the template without interfering with the integrity of the overall design. Content areas that can be modified have a small serrated square in the surrounding area. Your partners can modify the sections of the content where you give them access, while they cannot edit critical branding, copy, and design elements.


  • Easier to preserve the layout/design of the page
  • Can choose which sections are editable by partners
  • Can create customizable images within the template
  • Multiple separate emails can be based on the same master template
  • System can automatically crop and resize uploaded images to the correct dimensions


  • Advanced functions requires knowledge of InDesign
  • Takes longer to build
  • Partners must work within the constraints of the template