Each contact is owned by a specific user within the system, this ownership allows the user to access the contacts, add notes and review the contact history. Ownership is determined by various items such as who imported the data and how the data was set up, whether it was created manually or automatically from form submissions for example.

At some point contacts may need to be transferred from one user to another, whether that employee is no longer with your organization or the contact was simply assigned to the wrong user. Contacts can be transferred to new owners individually or in bulk. This is a permissions based function, so not all users will be able to transfer contacts.


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Getting There 

Contacts can be transferred in either the Customer Center or Marketing Center. To manage the contacts, click Contacts at the top of the page.


Individual Transfer 

Use the Search function to bring up the contact based on Last Name, Company or Email address. Click the name of the contact to bring up the contact summary view.


Click on the name of the person currently listed as the Record Owner and choose the new record owner from the list of available users.


Bulk Transfers 

To transfer contacts in bulk, run a search on the Contacts tab. The search can be a basic or advanced search. Once the search returns your results, select the Tools tab above the search and click Transfer Customers.

On the Customer List page choose the user you would like to transfer ownership to in the Transfer to drop down menu. Select Transfer All if you wouldlike to move all records to the new user.

Check off the boxes next to the contact names and select Transfer Selected to transfer specific accounts to the new user